Retirement Concepts

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The Cost of Saving

This table shows the cumulative value of 26 bi-weekly deferral amount over 20, 25 and 30 years, assuming a compound annual rate of 8% and a federal tax rate of 25%.

Rule of 72 – Is a simple mathematical formula which will determine how long it can take for your money to double. Simply divide 72 by the rate of return.

Rate of Return/ 72

10% = 7.2 yrs  |  8% = 9.0 yrs  |  6% = 12 yrs  |  4% = 18 yrs

The Arithmetic of Loss

The chart below illustrates what percentage an account would need to return over time to get back the initial investment after experiencing a loss.

Average Return vs Actual Return

If you invest $1,000 into an account:

And decline -50% in year 1

And then increase +50% in year 2

The Average return is -50 + 50/2 = 0/2 = 0

Is the ending value of the account $1,000?

No, the average return is Zero but the Actual return is -25%

If you invest $1,000 and it drops by -50%, you have $500.00

Now, if the account has a positive 50%, it would increase to $750.00

At the end of two years, even though the average return is zero percent, the account actually experienced a 25% decrease.

Actual and Average return will never equal one another anytime you factor in a negative number.

Currently Taxable Return

How much would you have to earn on a currently taxable return?

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