Life Insurance

Unfortunately, many people do not think about life insurance until it is too late. Taking care of your family now through proper planning is faster and easier than you think. Junkin & Co. is a great resource when deciding how much and what type of coverage you need to protect your family’s future. From newborn to elderly, we do it all.

Protect your family from financial ruin.

We don’t like to think about premature death and how our families would cope, but it’s important to address this before an unexpected death happens.

Many people put off life insurance because they think they do not need it, or it is too expensive. Life insurance is very affordable, and the cost may surprise you. Without life insurance, an unexpected death of a family member can cause extreme financial hardship. Dealing with a loss is much harder to cope with when facing financial struggles as a result. The gift of life insurance will help lessen the financial burden and bring peace of mind. It is important to ask a few questions with your family:” and leave the bullet points under intact.

You can take care of your family with adequate life insurance coverage.

Whether you are concerned about preserving your assets or providing tax-free death benefits to your beneficiaries, the right life insurance policy can assist you at any stage of life.

At Junkin & Co., we help you plan for those who depend on you, both now and when something tragic happens.

We invite you to talk about options and learn more about pricing. There is no obligation, and we will go through the many different life insurance carriers to find you the coverage and policy that you need.


Burial coverage
Family protection and income
Family legacy and taxes
Charitable giving
Estate equalization for heirs
Long term care expenses,
Buy-sell agreements
Key person insurance

Life Insurance Options

Term life
Whole life
Universal life
Return-of-premium life
Hybrid life

We also specialize in analyzing old life insurance policies to determine if there still up to date. Older policies typically have a higher cost of insurance, fees and charges. People are living longer and repriced mortality tables provide cheaper rates than in the past. New policies often times provide better guarantees, long term protection and lower costs.




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