Mission Statement

There’s no denying it–we live in a very complex world and as our lives have grown more complicated, so have our laws.  We at Estate Planning Associates still base our business practices on very simple, old-fashioned standards and morals.  We treat all of our clients with respect; we work as hard as we can to achieve our client’s estate planning goals; and we value honesty and integrity.  Our motto is “Promises made, Promises kept”

Our clients range from individuals with very modest estates, who want simple wills, to multimillionaires and family owned businesses with complex needs.  We are proud to have helped thousands of people through hard times and difficult problems.  It is very gratifying when we can help clients reach their stated goals. For example, we have successfully enabled many people to avoid the hassles and costs of probate, reduce to eliminate excessive taxes, protect their estate from creditors and in-laws; preserve their assets; and protect their life savings from catastrophic nursing home costs.

Because we are a small company by Cleveland standards, please don’t confuse size with limited services. One of the advantages of being smaller is that we can provide a high level of personal attention. We understand that many people are hesitant to consult with planners for a variety of reasons: some folks are made to feel inadequate; or they are concerned about being taken advantage of because of previous experiences. We do our best to make people feel comfortable, and we pledge to treat every client fairly, respectfully, honestly and like they would be expected to be treated if they were our own Mothers and Fathers.

We will do our best to understand your concerns and to explain our options orally and in writing. If you have questions or remain uncertain about our explanations, just let us know. We want you to be an informed consumer when it comes to estate planning issues. An annual review will be conducted to keep you aware of current situations; make recommendations to your original plan, if needed, to meet unforeseeable circumstances and provide education throughout the course of our relationship as it relates to estate planning issues.

Over the course of many years, we have received a variety of professional awards and honors, of which we are truly grateful. However, there is no honor more valuable than that of having a client tell us how much they appreciated our compassion; our honesty; our integrity; our attention to detail and our total professionalism at all levels.