Life Insurance

We don’t like to think about premature death and how our families would cope.

  • Would there be enough to pay bills? (food, clothing, auto and home repairs, funeral expenses, taxes)
  • Would they have to move?
  • Could your children afford college? (tuition, books, room and board)
  • Would your spouse need another job?

You can take care of your family with adequate life insurance coverage. Whether you are concerned about preserving your assets or providing tax-free death benefits to your beneficiaries, the right life insurance policy can assist you at any stage of life.

Junkin and Company is a great resource when deciding how much and what type of coverage you need to protect your family future. We also specialize in analyzing old life insurance policies to determine if there still up to date. Older policies typically have a higher cost of insurance, fees and charges. People are living longer and repriced mortality tables provide cheaper rates than in the past. New policies often times provide better guarantees, long term protection and lower costs.

Don’t Procrastinate, let us help take care of your family’s essential needs both now and in the future.