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You’ve worked hard to build up your assets! Spouses, children, grandchildren, dependents, business partners, and others will suffer not only emotionally but also economically if you fail to plan. Individuals lack the motivation to address estate planning issues. Until we realize the probability of our own mortality, estate planning lacks meaning and definition. People take a lifetime raising families, building retirment, creating income, taking care of people, and planning for the future, and in an instant, it can end. Most people know what they would like to accomplish, the difficulty is finding competent individuals for guidance to complete the process. Let our twenty plus years of experience help in the construction of your life care plan.Keep your savings in the family and not with attornies, nursing homes or the government.

Junkin and Company, can help sort through the requirements you must meet and help you qualify for benefits while protecting your assets and your legacy.

We offer businesses and individuals a wide range of financial products and services including retirement and life and health insurance services, as well as Medicaid planning through its diverse family of financial services companies.

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